Customer Service

At Metro Mix, our Customer Service Representatives are customer solution providers. Friendly knowledgeable, and professional, they are focused on ensuring that your every pour is a success.

We use the best technology in the industry. Jonel dispatching software allows us to easily take and coordinate your concrete orders. GPS tracking enables us to give you real-time information regarding the location of your trucks, as well as providing our dispatchers with precise directions along with alternate routes when needed.

Customer Service Ordering Tips

It is helpful when placing your order to have the following information ready when you call us:
• Company name or billing name
• Project name and/or purchase order number
• Jobsite contact name and phone number
• Precise quantity of concrete required
• Delivery location including cross streets and any jobsite specific information helpful to our drivers to such as unique or difficult access to ensure prompt, consistent service
• Time spacing between trucks; if pumped, one or two trucks at the pump at a time
• Type of placement: exterior or interior flatwork; caissons; foundation walls, etc.
• Slump required on the job; addatives such as accelerators, retarders, fiber, or color
• If concrete will be pumped, wheelbarrowed, tailgated; any “slow pour” conditions
• When placing “plus” orders, we will need a maximum quantity- this will enable us to provide the best possible service to all of our customers.
• Order balances or call-backs: keep in mind a Minimum Load charge may be required on order balances and call-backs depending on the number of trucks required- our “rule of thumb” is that if an extra truck is required to fulfill the order beyond what was needed, the Minimum Load charge may apply. An example would be a 16 yard order (two 8-yard loads) that requires a 4 yard cleanup. Since this order could have been delivered on two trucks, a Minimum Load charge would apply

Nathan Lawing
Dispatch Manager
Office: 303-429-1996 Ext.200
Fax: 303-429-1988

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